Select unusual bedding according to the sign of the zodiac – Part 2

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 Choose bed linen according to the zodiac sign 


Could you find anything about your zodiac sign in our first article about choosing elegant linens? Now look at the second part of this article. The other six zodiac signs and their preferences regarding their linens are here.

Fancy bedding 

elegant linen beige white

Ideas for a harmonious bedroom interior

fancy bedding pink pillowcases

Patterns and colors play a significant role in this

fancy bedding pink bed sheet mandala pattern


People with Cancer Signs differ from the others by their sensitivity and sentimentality. This is always true, though sometimes they hide these two qualities successfully. The bedding sets are particularly suitable for them, because they appreciate the comfort very high.

Treat yourself to a feeling of luxury in the bedroom!

exclusive linen chevron pattern sheets and pillowcases

Crabs are a watermark and that greatly affects their taste for bedding. Nuances like blue, turquoise and white should be there. Everything - patterns and shades should be gentle. Cancers can not stand arrogance.

Bed linen in maritime style with the typical sea symbols

fancy linen patchwork maritim style

Anchor, dots and stripes

exclusive bed linen dots blue whiteexclusive bedding items blue white pink

Monochrome sleep sets are also popular with the crabs. Because they can discover the demanding character in everything.

Elegance and simplicity

exclusive linen white mint green minimalist


Twins love to discover their element in their bed linen. That's the air. They love light and gentle fabrics. These are clearly for change and impermanence.

Fancy bedding in fresh colors

yellow linen winter floral pattern winter bedding

In appearance, the twins' sheets should show interesting combinations of colors and flowers. The best would be a 2-sided set. So you can turn it over to suit your mood. Gemini are communicative and active. Monochrome bed linen is therefore not a good choice for the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Refined flower pattern

exclusive bedding flowers bright bedroom fresh ideasfancy bedding flowers blue beige

The patterns can be both concrete and abstract. You do not have to make a special sense. It is important that everything looks bright and beautiful. Twins are especially happy when the sheets are extravagant.

Abstract pattern in focus

colorful bedding flowers and stripe bed sheets


Bulls are good editors and have a wonderful memory. However, they make decisions very difficult. Sometimes they are stingy and mysterious. But above all, bulls are very practical and they do not love the white color. Bulls just do not want to spend a lot of time with annoying care.

Monochrome bedding for the Zodiac Taurus

warm bedding flowers beige upholstered bed

Pastel colors and roses

white pink bedding roses gift ideas

Monochrome bedding is not a good choice for them either. She is far too easy for the bulls. Rather put on flower patterns. They should have been executed in one of the following nuances - beige, green, yellow.

An example in bright green

fancy bedding green paisley pattern

Bulls are calm, but very demanding. No cheap things may be given to them. Rely on good quality, rather than on large quantity.

Luxury Linens

unusual linen single-colored old-pink romantic bedroom set up


Aries are very impulsive. They try to dominate over all people and enforce their opinion at any price. Aries want to have new things instead of looking after the old ones properly and well. The bed linen should be in harmony with its fiery nature, so preferably in red. For a change, some sets in neutral shades would be appropriate.

Warm colors and red accents for the star sign Aries

colorful bed linen oriental style pattern

Gray sheets 

Fancy bedding set up gray rustic bedroom


Fish love aesthetics and quality. They always appreciate valuable gifts. Fish absorb the emotions of others and their bedroom had to be a real place of rest. The linen must be comfortable, soothing, gentle and soft. Satin is the ideal fabric for her. He reminds her of the element of water.

Delicate pastel colors for the romantic fish women

fancy bedding pink and mint green delicate romantic

Many colors that are reminiscent of water are suitable for them. These are silver, purple, sea blue, light blue, sea green. It is best if the bed linen carries the theme of the underwater world. That would be mussels, algae, scallops and so on.

Blue shades stand for the sea

colorful sheets patterned sheets

Fancy linen turquoise stripe pattern

Mint green and blue

exclusive bedding set up green bedroom

Fish are unhappy when space does not meet their creative potential. They are the most gifted star sign of all. Everything, including the bedding, must be a work of art.

Creative Bedding Design: Pear Pattern

exclusive bed linen yellow pears pattern bed sheet

A real work of art

Fancy bedding blue sheets with ruffles


If you want to choose bed linen for Aquarius, you should opt for unconventional sets. They have to be very practical at the same time. Furthermore, they have many progressive and unique ideas. The things they love symbolize the latest fashion trends and high technology.

Linen with original pattern

fancy bedding black white patternfancy bedding warm winter bedding black white Fancy Linen Winter Patterned Sheets Gift Ideas

Purple bedding with floral pattern

colorful bedding flowers bed sheet winter bedding

The bed linen must contain unique and beautiful motifs.

For Aquarius, all the blue shades are suitable - from sky blue to metallic

exclusive bed linen blue stripe pattern winter bedding

Fancy bedding after the zodiac sign

Fancy linen plain color bedroom ideas

fancy bedding flowers gray white

fancy bedding non-iron colored pattern

Monochrome bedding pink romantic sheetsfancy bedding paisley pattern pink pillowcasespurple bedding pink two-tone bed sheet fancy bedding gray duvetfancy bedding gray winter bedding cuddly duvetfancy bedding ideas and examples of gift ideas exclusive bed linen black stripes zebra pattern exclusive bed linen black white zebra pattern bed sheetexclusive bed linen black white sheets