Setting up Scandinavian – manimalistic design is in demand today

Scandinavian design dining room wood dining table with chairs wall decor pendant light

Are you looking for peace, harmony and relaxation? Setting up Scandinavian makes all this possible


Scandinavian design is becoming more and more popular. It has been used and applied in so many modern companies. Therefore, it may be that many people try to set up Scandinavian, without even being aware of it.

If your home is clean of accessories, very bright, minimalist or semi-minimalist, and also looks natural, then you might as well have approached the Scandinavian style.

Do you find it interesting, if this is true and to what extent? If so, then take a look at our examples and discover for yourself.


Set up Scandinavian - Waiver of colored accessories, but not quite 

Scandinavian decorating living room ideas scandinavian design

White and black, neutral brown nuances. This determines the whole room. This type of Scandinavian decor is reminiscent of the infinite, white landscapes that dominate this country in the long winter. Hard to remember, but at least there are little yellow accents there. But they are really subtle and not garish ... Just like the influence of the sun ...

Bringing contrasts to Scandinavian decor

Scandinavian furnish bedroom bed rattan carpet room plants Scandinavian design

In the second example, the Scandinavian has been mixed with some southern accents. Because the plants have a strong, fresh message in the room. They provide a strong, sculptural effect and are quite noticeable and bring some summery flair. They contrast with Scandinavian furnishings. The approach is really great.

Neutral colors and color accents

Scandinavian decorating living room sofa Scandinavian design wooden floor

Again, Scandinavian decor has been combined with the tendency to use bold, colorful accents. But in this case, they have limited themselves to one detail in bright yellow. It's about the great side table with the plant. He is flexible, so you can take him away without much effort and let the great Scandinavian beauty come into its own.

Really Scandinavian set up

The examples before were not wrong ... if you consider them as eclectic. But if you want to see the Scandinavian style in its pure form, then examples like the following two are very appropriate.

White as the main color

living ideas scandinavian decorating scandinavian design white silver floor lamp

Wooden furniture in use

Scandinavian decorating living room furniture wood scandinavian design white

Wood, white surfaces and gray drapery are the elements that determine the character of the room. Do you notice that even the plants do not show the bright nuances, no saturated green, which one knows from the previous examples?

Which of the examples displayed today would you prefer?

 Modern living room furniture - round wooden coffee tables

furnishing living room scandinavian furniture coffee table round carpet pattern sofa

Set up the corridor Scandinavian

hallway furniture shoe rack Scandinavian design coat hook

 Wooden furniture in pastel colors

Scandinavian furniture side table wooden chair rocking chair pastel shades

 What is called modern today?

Scandinavian furniture living room modern furnish pastels wood coffee table round

 Creative living ideas for a home office

scandinavian furniture domestic workroom frame desk runner

 Kitchen with rustic accents

kitchen design kitchen island wooden stool scandinavian design brick wall white mural

 Inviting wooden decor

Scandinavian decorating dining room fashion wood dining table with chairs Scandinavian design

Let a lot of natural light penetrate the house

furnishing living room in scandinavian style ceiling height window light wood furniture

Practical wood kitchen with plenty of storage space

scandinavian furniture kitchen set up wood kitchen scandinavian design and shape

Modern bathroom with sauna

scandinavian furniture modern bathroom sauna bathtub

Free-standing bathtub in the bedroom

Modern bathroom in scandinavian style freestanding bathtub

 Open living space

open living room dining kitchen kitchen island wooden floor scandinavian furniture

Using sustainable materials

  scandinavian furniture kitchen set up sustainable materials wooden floor scandinavian design and shape

A white brick wall as an accent

  scandinavian furniture bedroom brick wall white paint wall decoration ideas

Neutral harmonic color palette

furnishing living room in Scandinavian style fireplace Scandinavian furniture

 Elegant ideas in a rustic style

furnishing living room in scandinavian style rustic white gold accents

Simple wooden dining table

  Scandinavian decorating dining room fashion wood dining table with chairs

 Fur blankets and rugs are very typical for the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style living area minimalist scandinavian design

 Inspiration from nature

Scandinavian furnish living room fashion coffee table wood

 Kitchen worktop made of wood

Scandinavian furniture kitchen ideas wood countertop

Small bathroom simply furnished and completely in white

Scandinavian furniture modern bathroom white wood color glass

 Fancy designer furniture

Scandinavian furniture living room wooden floor floor lamp

 Green houseplants as a natural decoration

Scandinavian design dining room table with chairs

Scandinavian furniture design

Scandinavian furniture furniture design wood chair Scandinavian home accessories

The following pictures present a small studio apartment in the Scandinavian style

flat scandinavian furnish runner sofa wardrobe wall shelves

Simple, elegant and stylish

flat scandinavian furnishings open plan living minimalist design

Round dining table made of natural wood

flat scandinavian set up wood dining table round

Houseplants everywhere in the whole apartment

  apartment scandinavian decor dinning room herb garden kitchen

Kitchen and dining area

apartment scandinavian set up kitchen dining room wood dining table with chairs

Scandinavian decoration ideas

flat scandinavian design open plan living room dining room wall lights pendant light

Minimalist furniture design

apartment scandinavian furnish open kitchen domestic study

Plan open living space

apartment scandinavian home office workroom windowsill home plants

Domestic study

flat scandinavian home decorating office window natural light

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere

apartment scandinavian home decorating homework desk stool

Wardrobe and bookshelf cleverly combined

flat scandinavian furnish wardrobe wall shelves coffee table wood

Living room interior design ideas

flat scandinavian decorating wall paint white wardrobe wall shelves

Send Scandinavian home accessories

flat scandinavian design kitchen set up kitchen fronts white

The entire living space

apartment scandinavian decorating wall paint white open plan living space

Home office furnished in Scandinavian style

flat scandinavian furniture study desk glass pane window

Elegant desk in glass and wood

Flat Scandinavian design study desk desk glass pane window

Small apartment minimalist

flat scandinavian design open plan living room office furniture

TV-room wall

flat scandinavian design open living room study tv living room wall

Use the white background

flat scandinavian design open plan living room tv wall

Practical loft bed - Save space with simple design and clever ideas

flat scandinavian design bedroom ideas bed