Medicinal plants and their effects – 10 popular spice and medicinal plants

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden spices healing plants

Medicinal plants for your own garden or even for your terrace


Multifunctionality is "IN" in all areas of life. This is also proven by the fact that more and more people are looking for multifunctionality in their handling of plants. Popular medicinal plants, which both decorate the courtyard, as well as find a great use in curing diseases, diets and healthy recipes.

Spice and medicinal plant

Spice and medicinal herb garden make healing plants

We start today with some varieties that people with common symptoms should always have at their disposal. You will then save a lot of time, money and daily running to the pharmacy. You will also experience a pure spiritual pleasure through the great smells and the green picture.

Fresh Indian spices - ginger, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and nuts

Spice and medicinal plant herbal garden potted Indian spices ginger cardamom

Mint - care and properties as medicinal plants

In nature this plant grows near rivers, small streams, and there - in shady and cool places. The mint care of some varieties would also be possible under house conditions and in the garden. It flowers in the period between June and September. The leaves and flowers can be used in fresh and dry conditions. The mint is very suitable for problems with the gastrointestinal system.

 The mint as a healing plant

Spice and medicinal plant mint cultivate herb garden

The mint and care for these would help you a lot further if you would often have to make tea from it. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night with severe toothache or your gums are bleeding heavily, mint or mint tea can help. Did you notice that it is very often used in toothpastes? Mint can be used in rheumatism. Arthritis can be influenced. Bronchitis, laryngitis, sinusitis can also be cured with it. Mint is a very useful spice medicinal plant.

Fresh mint leaves in own herb garden

Spice and medicinal plant mint cultivate herbal garden mint leaves

Aloe vera as a medicinal plant

We have already talked about aloe vera as a medicinal plant in other articles. But you can not go into their beneficial properties often enough. It is a kind of medicinal plant, which is also beautiful and can reach up to 1 meter in height in your garden. Important to know in this case is that she loves the warmth very much. It must therefore be moved in the colder periods inside, in the conservatory. The place where the aloe vera grows must also be quite sunny.

 The healing effect of aloe is in the fleshy foliage

Spice and medicinal plant aloe vera medicinal plant herbal garden

Aloe vera is known as a medicinal plant mainly because of the following properties: wounds heal faster, burned skin, as well as all other types of skin diseases are positively influenced. You could counteract any inflammation. Internal gastrointestinal problems, such as colitis, constipation, appetite deficiency could thus be solved wonderfully.

Aloe vera as a potted plant at home

Spice and Medicinal Plant Aloe Vera Medicinal Herb robust indoor plants

The role of lovage as a medicinal plant

In the garden the lovage should be planted in a shady and moist place. We are dealing here with a spice and medicinal plant at the same time. His dedication is quite varied. If you have a headache you could make yourself a tea from the roots, the staff and the leaves. Gastrointestinal, kidney problems are positively influenced. Very reassuring is the effect on skin diseases and injuries.

lovage as a spice and medicinal plant in the kitchen

Spice and medicinal plant lovage bundle herb garden

The lovage has a healing effect on skin diseases and injuries

Spice and medicinal plant lovage herb garden

The thyme as a spice and medicinal plant

As a medicinal plant and spice, thyme is widely used. He is rich in antioxidants. He cleanses the body of the free radicals. At the same time he helps in the fight against flu, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Thyme is one of the medicinal plants that are very often used in toothpaste and mouthwash. He has a very strong counteracting flu, softens the cough symptoms, one has no fever and overcomes the cold more easily. Thyme is also one of the medicinal plants that can be used in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.

The thyme is rich in antioxidants

Spice and medicinal plant thyme plant herb garden


Spice and medicinal plant thyme houseplant herb garden

Sun Hats (Echinacea)

Let's get to the sun among the medicinal plants. We are dealing here with a real soothing beauty. You can use them successfully for the first symptoms of colds and flu. The antibacterial effect of sun hats is very strong. Just a cup of it would instantly mitigate symptoms like sore throat, cough and the like.

sun hats Plants in the garden

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden garden plants sun hat plant

The sun hats belong to the medicinal plants, which also very quickly act on wounds, burns and inflammations. Sinusitis, cystitis and even some gynecological diseases can be treated with it.


Spice medicinal herbs herbal garden sun hat plant echinacea

Real marshmallow (Althea officinalis)

Of all the medicinal plants, one could doubt that this beautiful plant least the properties. For even the name in Latin - althea means "healing". It has to be planted and maintained in a spot in the garden. The earth must be very rich in nutrients. Althea officinalis has to be watered regularly ... That sounds like a tedious job. But at the end of the day, this will pay off in any case, my colorful beauty!

hibiscus medicinal plant

Spice and medicinal herb garden gardening real marshmallow

If you drink this medicinal plant as a tea or eat it in the form of salad, then any chronic gastrointestinal symptoms are very positively influenced. Internal infections throughout the body will not be as acute anymore. With external treatment you could thus heal wounds and bruises as a result of injuries. Muscle pain, as well as insect bites, will be much milder if you opt for the raw or true marshmallow as medicinal plants.

Dried flowers of Althea officinalis

Spice medicinal plants herbal garden real marshmallow dry

Large burdock (Arctium lappa) as a medicinal plant and spice

The big burdock is a perennial spice and medicinal plant. Between June and August it blooms in great red-violet. The care is not demanding at all. The tea from the leaves of this plant helps a great deal with rheumatism, gallstones and kidney inflammation.

Arctium lappa  or even big burdock called

Spice medicinal herbs herbal garden Arctium lappa flowers

A lot further, the Great Burdock helps with diabetes, hair loss and Seborea. Infusion of this can be applied 1-2 times a week on the head. A number of these can also be treated successfully. Try it if you have herpes or acne.

A medicinal plant against rheumatism, gallstones, kidney inflammation and skin diseases

Spice medicinal herbs herbal garden Arctium lappa big burdock

Marigolds as medicinal plants

This annual plant, known as spice and medicinal plant, can be recognized by the bright orange flowers. It has a strong antibacterial effect. The blood is thus purified. Did you know that marigolds have been shown to have one of the strongest effects of yellow fever?

 The healing flower has bright yellow-orange flowers

Spice medicinal plants herbal garden marigolds field flowers

If you are taking tea marigolds, then you can contribute to the healing of many diseases in the stomach and intestines. You will be able to heal your own nervous system very successfully. As a cream, it can be used for fungi, swelling, venous problems and wounds. Both burns and cold injuries could cure you. Skin pigments and age spots could thus be partially or completely removed.

With marigold tea you can cleanse your blood

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden marigold blossom

Laurel leaf as a medicinal plant and spice

The bay leaf is an evergreen bush plant. Their flowers are very small, are characterized by a very strong smell. For its good development, this aromatic spice plant needs warmth and quite bright light. Probably there is no housewife who has not ever used the bay leaf as a spice in cooking.

Bay leaf as a potted plant - a very popular spice

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden potted laurel leaf

The bay leaf helps with gastrointestinal problems and inflammation. Asthma, viruses, fungi are also combated with it. For gingivitis you should chew on bay leaf. Laurel leaf is also one of the medicinal plants that are very healthy in diabetes. You can also relieve the pain of rheumatism. Extract from it can be very beneficial with a few drops in sinusitis.

Did you know about the healing effects of Bay leaf?

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden spices laurel leaf effect


We conclude our presentation of spice and medicinal plants today with chamomile - one of the most well-known and beautiful medicinal plants. It can be found everywhere - on meadows and in farms. Good to know is that there are many varieties. But the healing variant is called Matricaria chamomilla. They use their flowers, which are very rich in essential oils.

Matricaria chamomilla

Spice and medicinal plant herb garden chamomile medicinal plant

You could stop inflammation and bleeding with chamomile. The heart rhythm is also affected. If you have stones in the kidneys, inflamed intestines and headaches, then you should take plenty of them. In addition, complaints such as toothache, sore throat and eye inflammation are very pleasantly influenced by chamomile.

Often drink delicious chamomile tea!

Spice medicinal herbs herb garden chamomile chamomile tea