Setting up for the new living trends 2016

new home trends colors home decor ideas

What are the current housing trends 2016?


The new year has already begun and the new trends in home decor are here! We say goodbye to the old ones and look to the new ones living trends on…

What brings us new 2016 in terms of home furnishings?

If we answer this question, we can easily give our four walls a modern touch.

Below we have listed 6 lifestyle trends that characterize the modern interior design.

Colors, furniture and furnishing ideas that are currently trendy

Living ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas Combine wall colors

Our tip: Familiarize yourself with the new home trends and only use those that are close to your heart. It does not bother you if you follow the latest trends without really standing out from them.

The colors that are trendy in 2016

Living ideas and trends 2016 current color combination pink blue

Trend colors - delicate nuances of pink and blue 

new home trends colors wall decoration Pantone colors 2016

Farbrausch: Which colors are trendy in 2016?

We find the color design of great importance for the domestic atmosphere. That's why we start with the trend colors of 2016, which the color institute PANTONE has named. "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity" are the most up to date shades - a romantic bright pink and a soft light blue, these stand for balance and harmony at home.

Pink - used as a romantic wall paint

Living ideas and living trends Trend colors 2016 Furnishing ideas

Both trend colors can be combined or used separately. The delicate pink can be very chic inscribed into the interior and combine with other soft or neutral nuances such as gray.

The following examples will give you the idea how you could use this warm trend color in your home as well.

Eye-catcher: chic living room sofa in light pink

new home trends trend colors Pantone living room sofa pink

Farbrausch: skillfully combining pastel colors

Living ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas Living room

Rosa is easy to combine with many shades

new home trends paints wall design study walls paint

Create a creative color swatch

new home trends colors pink wall design ideas

Wall design with geometric pattern in bright colors

new home trends colors wall design ideas

Wall paints can also be combined very original

new living ideas and trends 2016 colors

Ombre effect - a trendy option not only for the hair, but also for the wall design

Living ideas and home trends 2016 wall paint ombre effect

The trendy light blue "Serenity" has a cold, but also relaxing effect that creates a soothing living atmosphere. Combine it with warm colors like yellow or orange to get a fresh and harmonious color scheme.

Blue is here the main color and pink - the accent color

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Home Decor Living Room Colors

Use other colors that are relaxing. All shades of green are a great alternative for those who do not really like blue or pink.

A meaningful wall paint in the hallway 

Living Ideas and Living Trends 2016 Wall Paint Green Living Room

Geometry lessons with a difference: geometric patterns are also in fashion in 2016

Geometric designs are no news. They also stylishly decorated modern apartments last year. The living trend remains permanent and promises many playful combinations of geometric shapes. Whether in neutral or bright colors, the geometric pattern proves to be a real eye-catcher.

Geometric pattern in the interior

new home designs and trends colors modern furniture

Geometric designs are probably so popular because they are very diverse, simple and at the same time quite effective.

White is the perfect background for colored patterns

Living ideas and trends colored home decor living room

Not only patterned home textiles are in. Furniture and flooring too. A wooden shelf divided into triangles, offers several compartments and a trendy look.

Shaping the wall shelf creatively

new home trends modern furniture design wall shelf

Modern floor design

new home trends modern home decor ideas

Carpet with black and white stripes

new living trends classic living room furnishings furniture

Furniture with geometric shapes

new living trends classic living room furniture

Use the kitchen back wall to give your kitchen a modern character

new home trends kitchen set up kitchen back wall ideasnew living trends kitchen with dining area wood furniture wallpaper pattern

Cozy living room: the wooden floor and the soft carpet contribute noticeably

new home trends carpet patterned home decor ideas

3D illusion 

new home trends carpet with geometric pattern

Shining metals: chic accents in copper, gold and silver

All that glitters is not gold. We certainly know that and nevertheless we find this living trend golden. The copper color has been very much in vogue since 2015 and will remain so this year, but all the other shiny surfaces in silver and gold will come in addition.

Copper and brass will make your home shine

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Living Room Designer Ideas

Pendants in copper colors are still in vogue

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Furnishing Ideas Copper Pendant Lights

Gold and silver are also part of the trend this year 

Living ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas FurnitureLiving ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas creative wall designLiving Ideas and Trends 2016 Home Decor Living Room Sofa

This trend mix will certainly conquer many women's hearts. The delicate pink and the shiny copper are made for each other.

Pink and copper: trend combination to fall in love with

Living ideas and trends 2016 pink furnitureLiving Ideas and Trends 2016 Pendants Copper colornew home ideas and trends Industrial style furniture copper

3 chic pendant lights in gold over the kitchen island

new living trends dining table pendant lights metal gold accentsLiving ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas rustic accents

Less is more: interior design ideas in the minimalist style

Get rid of pieces of furniture and home accessories that you do not really need. A spacious apartment, simply furnished and with lots of natural light is still in vogue.

Minimalism: the Scandinavian style is unstoppable 

Living ideas and trends-2016-black-white-minimalist

If you want to realize a minimalist home decor in the Scandinavian style, then you can opt for a neutral color scheme in black and white. Subtle color accents are very effective here.

Simple room decor in black and white

Living ideas and trends minimalist home decor living room

Decorative vases with geometric shapes

new home living room table carpet black white stripes

Elegant dining room furniture with clean lines; Chairs with retro flair

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Set up a minimalist dining room

When function and aesthetics make friends ... 

Living ideas and trends 2016 minimalist interior design ideas

Another trendy trend mix

Living ideas and trends 2016 modern living room design

Living room tables with Scandinavian design

new home trends colors decoration ideas living room

Continue to the next green residential trend ...

Living ideas and trends 2016 Furnishing ideas

Sustainability: Indoor plants and floral designs conquer the modern home

The best room decoration are the houseplants. They provide fresh air and positive energy and represent the current sustainable trend.

Sustainability in your own four walls

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Floor Checkerboard Pattern

Feel the positive energy of the green plants

Living ideas and trends-room plant design ideas living room

Pure relaxation!

Living ideas and trends sustainable home decor bathroom

How to create a little oasis of well-being

Living ideas and trends 2016 bedroom in greenLiving ideas and color trends Furnishing ideas Living room

To immortalize the beauty of the real flowers, the floral patterns are there. In 2016, we will be particularly pleased about the freshness of home textiles with colorful floral patterns.

Flower pattern for a fresh home decor

new home trends home furnishings trend colors trend patterns

Curtains with big red floral pattern

new home trends colors floral pattern curtain ends

Carpets and runners are still a good idea, as you can spice up the interior with home textiles

new home trends green carpet floral design home decor ideasHome Decorations and Trends Living Room Rug Floral Pattern

Evergreens: Design classics for an elegant and cozy home

The classic style of furnishing is called classic, because it never really goes out of fashion. Design classics such as the Egg Chair, a retro wing chair or a large, soft upholstered sofa will give your home a feeling of luxury.

Furnishing in classic style

new home trends classic home decor ideas

Rely on design classics

new living ideas and trends 2016 interior design ideas living room

Classic living room furniture stands for elegance and timeless style

new ideas for living and trends 2016 classic interior design ideas

Carpet and fireplace - this combination ensures extra comfort

new home trends classic home furnishings fireplace concrete wallLiving ideas and trends cozy interior design ideas

It does not matter if you new living trends Take note or not, put your own comfort first. A cozy home, where you feel comfortable and well, is always trendy.

Coziness - that's what counts today!

Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Living Room Furniture Living Ideas and Trends 2016 Living Room Sofa White Living ideas and trends Furnishing examples Living room Living ideas and trends Furnishing ideas Living room Living ideas and trends Furnishing ideas Living room Concrete wall
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