Christmas Decorations Window – 30 superb window decoration ideas with festive mood

The pre-Christmas season comes with a big box of Christmas decorations. For Christmas, walls and shelves will be decorated, every room will be festively transformed! Of course, the windows also get a new look! What should it be, if you festively decorate windows and windowsills? A short curtain? Window stickers or simply Christmas candles? If you are still wondering how to decorate the windows for Christmas, have a look at the picture gallery, which follows soon! Maybe you can think of something for your own home!

Christmas decoration Window for a contemplative Christmas

christmas decoration window big christmas stars stylish christmas tree

Festive decoration hanging on the window

The Christmas decoration can appear in several layers in the room. But next to the Christmas tree and festively decorated windows captivate the view! Her beautiful robe pleases the eye not only from inside, but also from the outside! Take enough time for the Christmas window decoration, because it does not go unnoticed!

Chic Christmas balls hanging on the window

christmas decoration window hanging decoration christmas balls white golden accents

At Christmas, the hanging decoration comes nicely into play. Christmas balls are real classics in the festive decoration. Also in the window decoration find this great application. You can also stage Christmas wreaths! Hang a deco wreath for an elegant window decoration or arrange several and make for a more festive mood! Garlands are also a good solution: here you have even more freedom to experiment!

Christmas wreaths hanging from the window are a signal for the coming party!

christmas decoration window fresh hanging decoration green red

Festively decorate the windowsill

If you are considering a Christmas window decoration, do not overlook the windowsill! Here you can realize different decoration ideas. Display different decorations and arrange candles. You could also use natural materials! Some fir trees and pine cones make for a good mood at the party! Dried fruit is also a great idea as you festive the room! Apples and oranges are perfect for a purpose. They also provide a nice Christmas scent in the whole apartment!

Even in natural colors, the Christmas decoration appears quite festive!

christmas decoration window lights snowflake

Decorate with greenery

Tannengrün intensifies the Christmas spirit several times. Also at the window it is good, if you put more green in scene. Suddenly it gets fresh and contemplative ... A beautiful deco chain of pine branches or Christmas wreath of fir green gives the ambience an extra dose of charm!

Decorate the white atmosphere for Christmas fresh

christmas decoration window magnificent hanging christmas presents

If you want to decorate your apartment abundantly for Christmas, do not forget all aspects of the Christmas decoration! An appropriate window decoration must not be missing! Whether plain or more colorful, this takes part in the beautiful room atmosphere. Of course, if you feel like it, you could also make the window decoration yourself. Just make beautiful festive windows and enjoy the eyes of family members and friends!

Indicate by a simple window decoration at Christmas

Christmas decoration window kitchen bright interior

Christmas can be recognized by the beautifully decorated windows

christmas decoration window stylish window decoration natural colors

Decorating garlands made of paper for the window itself

christmas decoration window living room festively decorate

Staging a beautiful wintry landscape by the window

christmas decoration window fir trees tree trunks candles

Colored fairy lights make the mood cheerful!

Christmas decoration window lightning branches fir branches

Christmas decorations on a window

christmas decoration window fairy lights christmas balls

christmas decoration window abundant window decoration fir branches candles

Christmas decoration window cozy atmosphere create candles felt garland

Arrange fresh flowers with rosehips together for a nice eye-catcher

christmas decoration window flowers rosehips window decoration

Christmas decoration window deco ideas with pinecone dekogirlande

christmas decoration window window darkening christmas wreath

christmas decoration window shining star window decoration

christmas decoration window deco garland decoration

Be creative with the window decoration for Christmas!

christmas decoration window elegant hanging decoration creative decoration ideas

christmas decoration window christmas garland zig zag carpet

christmas decoration window christmas wreath dekogirlanden

christmas decoration window christmas wreath christmas garland christmas tree

christmas decoration window christmas wreaths fir-tree

Glass decoration with red accents captivates the view

christmas decoration window christmas balls glass red wind lights

christmas decoration window white fir trees colored deckokette

christmas decoration window simple window decoration

christmas decoration window big window decorating birds plant pots

christmas decoration window outside decoration elegant

Red and green are a beautiful color duo for the Christmas window decoration

christmas decoration window christmas stockings red candles