Bathroom à la Shabby Chic

Hip, individual and much more elegant than you think: Shabby Chic has become an integral part of trendy facilities. The style picks up antique heirlooms, newly discovered flea market finds and lots of home-made decoration. Anything that pleases - and has meaning - is allowed. For the style tells a story: a stylish journey through time with treasures from the past. All the cherished details and heart pieces are reinterpreted, making the bathroom a special place.

Color selection: gentle and pastel

Rosé, sky blue, a soft pale yellow and soft turquoise - these are the right colors for the lovable look. As a wall or floor design, the colors come into their own. More restraint allow cream-colored tiles that harmonize perfectly with the gentle nuances. A light curtain emphasizes the gentle side of the style; the flowery shower curtain spreads a romantic feel and accessories such as picture frames, flowerpots and vases in trendy pastel make for the right atmosphere. When choosing the sanitary objects you can also grab the color trends: A washbasin in a light Whispher Rosa draws feminine flair. For those who prefer the more rustic Shabby Chic, a toilet seat in a turquoise colored wood look makes a stylish statement. These and other enchanting Shabby Chic ideas can be purchased at

bathroom shabby chic pink metal chair claw-foot bathtub

Enchanting contrast program

In addition to the lovable color selection, the colorful mix of materials belongs to the so-called "shabby" look. The mix of old designs and new favorite pieces creates a charming charm. There are no rules, no unified concept to stick to. You can combine as you wish - and believe us: in the end, the bathroom will look fabulous! To Shabby Chic fit: a shelf full of flourishes made of metal, plus an opulent mirror and a magnificent chandelier; nostalgic faucets, a fluffy carpet with flowers, lots of wood and as a contrast a brand new, freestanding bath.

The eye-catcher: Upcycling washstand

Do you have an antique dresser in the attic? Great, then create a base cabinet for the new countertop washbasin! Alternatively, take a look at the flea market, perhaps you will find an antique cabinet made of solid wood for your bathroom. Treat the wood with hard wax oil to protect it from water and moisture. Carefully drill openings for the drain as well as the fittings hoses into the upper wooden surface. Seal the cutting edges with sanitary silicone, also coat the underside of the washbasin with the adhesive, put it on and your new washing area is ready. Definitely a one-off and definitely shabby chic.

bathroom shabby chic living style braided basket wood table vanity unit

Details from old and new

Loving decorations and playful accessories crown the bathroom. Delicate pink candles, wicker baskets for cosmetics and more, a colored glass tumbler and antique perfume flacons make shabby chic. Whether from the flea market, excavated from the basement or bought new - the style lives from a colorful combination. In addition, you can integrate a lot of home-made in the bathroom. Crocheted doilies direct the view onto the counter top, a specially designed shower curtain with ruffles and embroidery testifies to romance and individuality and a wooden sign with a personal note gives the bathroom its charming character. But beware: With too many decorations, the bathroom can quickly seem overloaded. Concentrate on all attention to detail only on purposeful accents to create a bathroom to feel good.

bathroom shabby chic look wicker baskets retro suitcase vanity

bathroom shabby chic bathroom decor white pink accent shower cabin

bathroom shabby chic look old dresser bathtub freestanding candlestick