Make Halloween costumes yourself – make cool children’s disguises

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DIY kids costumes for Halloween

Halloween is a very special celebration for the kids. That's exactly her thing - dress up as a favorite and ask for "sweet or sour". Of course, the mummy takes care of the right costume - either she buys it from the costume shop or she makes it alone.

If you're such a mom who always does some cool stuff, then check out our suggestions for a Halloween costume for girls or boys.

Make Halloween costumes yourself

halloween costumes make snail costume girl

You can easily turn your little girl into a snail, of course, even if she has the idea. All you need is the following materials:

◊ wrapping paper

◊ Painter's tape

◊ a hairband

◊ two Styrorop balls

◊ a loop

◊ a hot glue gun

Make Halloween costume yourself - a snail

make halloween costumes yourself make snail costume

Step 1:

First craft the snail shell. Crumple up a large piece of brown paper and start rolling paper from one corner of the paper. Then wrap it around to get the snail shell shape. You can repeat this step until your snail shell reaches the desired size. Meanwhile, attach the mold with masking tape. When this is finally done, glue the paper with the hot glue gun and remove the masking tape.

step 2

Repeat the entire step 1 to create the other half of the snail shell. Then glue both halves together and attach the whole snail shell to a prefabricated square cardboard. There are also two loops fixed on this cardboard (see the picture below), so that the whole structure resembles a satchel.

Crumple, roll, wrap and glue the wrapping paper together

make halloween costumes yourself snail costume materials wrapping paper

Craft snail shells out of paper

halloween costumes make snail costume craft ideas wrapping paper work process

 A cardboard with attached two loops transforms the snail shell into a satchel

make halloween costumes yourself making snail costume paper crafts ideas

step 3

Make the snail hairband. Take a piece of paper that you crumple and roll again so that it gets a stiff structure. Then glue the Styporor ball to one paper end and the hairband to the other end. Repeat step 3 twice, and you will have two cute snail eyes.

The result - a sugar snail

Make halloween costumes yourself snail out of wrapping paper

And what does your little boy want to be at Haloween? A robot maybe? This is a very effective costume for boys that you could easily craft.

Necessary materials:

◊ Cardboard boxes in matching sizes

◊ aluminum foil

◊ pipe

◊ wire

◊ a styrofoam ball

◊ something felt

Cost-effective materials for this DIY project

Children make Halloween costumes themselves making robot materials

 Section 1

The cardboard boxes should fit well with the size of your child. The small carton comes around the head and the bigger one around the body. Make openings for the mouth and eyes and one more for the neck (as in the picture below). Then completely disguise the cardboard boxes in aluminum foil.

Tinker robot costume

children make halloween costumes themselves robot made of aluminum foil and cardboard

 step 2

Cut the tube into four parts - two for the arms and two for the legs. The lengths should of course be right. You can make longitudinal cuts on the legs for added comfort. What you can do is fold back the tube ends and fringe them with pieces of felt.

step 3

Finally, glue the spring to the small cardboard box and the Styrofoam ball on top.

Cool Halloween costume for boys

make halloween costumes yourself robot aluminum foil cardboard tube

Trick or treating?

kids halloween costumes make themselves robot


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