Fold origami for Christmas – 5 detailed instructions and a lot of crafting fun

Origami - the unique paper folding art from Japan, has undoubtedly conquered the whole world and continues to be a constant challenge for many newly-baked but also for experienced craft fans. Because this can be almost everything tinker and only from paper. How about folding origami for Christmas, for example? This is a particularly cost-effective and exciting affair, which not only adults but also children are welcome to attend. Today we have 5 detailed Origami instructions in pictures and videos ready for you. Take a look at all of them and try to imitate them, which ones you like the most. Or maybe you find all 5 very interesting and would like to design your Christmas decorations?

Origami Christmas ideas as inspiration

Christmas origami christmas reindeer folding reindeer

Not for nothing we have selected these 5 decoration elements, because they are in our opinion the most important in the festive Christmas decoration and immediately provide the right mood. Combining Origami and Christmas is not new. On the net you will find many examples of original Christmas decorations made with Japanese folding art.

The minimal amount of money as well as the cool cleverness of the origami make it a popular crafting technique for all ages. The origami folding follows a detailed guide, but always has the opportunity to experiment - with new colors, sizes and textures. This results in unique paper creations that fit practically every possible occasion.

But let's start now from the beginning!

like sign origami christmas craft ideas

Make origami poinsettias yourself

And how did everything start? With the poinsettia! We also know him as an Advent star and begin to decorate our windows, doors and walls as early as Advent. Poinsettias can be found abundantly on the markets and in the decorative shops in various designs. But nothing can compare to the feeling that comes with a homemade Christmas star. Tinkered with love and patience, he radiates joie de vivre and contemplation around him. Try it out!

Make Christmas star out of paper

origami christmas star tinker paper

Create Origami Christmas angels in no time

A poinsettia never stays alone. At the same time, guardian angels join at Christmas. Fortunately, these are also very easy and pleasant to fold as origami. And how? You will find out in the video below.

Celebrating Christmas Origami with Paper Guardian Angel

origami christmas christmas angel self tinker paper christmas decoration

Tinker 3D paper Christmas trees

And what about Christmas without the Christmas tree? He began his triumphal march in the 18th century and is now known throughout the world and decorated by many at Christmas celebrations. Candlelight and lamps, sweets, little angels, stars and Christmas balls are lovingly hung on the Christmas tree every year. The whole thing is then rounded off with artificial snow and tinsel.

Small 3D Christmas trees can also be made from paper very easily and in different sizes and colors. Here below you will find instructions for beautiful three-dimensional Christmas tree-shaped origami lanterns for Christmas. Have fun trying!

Create a contemplative ambience in your own four walls!

origami christmas christmas tree making out of paper

Design fairy lights as a Christmas decoration

Fairy lights are simply the classic of any decoration, and not just at the summer party in the garden, but especially on cozy evenings at home, when it gets colder outside. The Advent season with its warm comfort and meditative tranquility is particularly well suited for a decoration with fairy lights. Today we will show you how to fold beautiful origami fairy lights, or rather lampshades out of paper.

A conventional LED fairy lights become a wonderful Christmas decoration highlight

tinker origami to christmas fold fairy lights

Origami Santa Claus folding

And now, finally, Santa Claus can come! How about little, sweet little Nikolausen, like this one down here? Yes, we admit it - the task is a bit more challenging than the first four origami ideas. But the video tutorial is very detailed and very understandable. Well, it's definitely worth a try.

Have fun while copying and celebrating!

Nicholas made of paper for advanced origami fans

origami christmas santa claus fold paper

Make even smaller Origami Santas as gift tags

small nikoläuse tinker paper origami christmas

make origami christmas santa out of paper by yourself

From paper can still be created a lot as a Christmas decoration

Christmas man christmas angel made of paper origami christmas

Folding origami at Christmas is a huge fun for the kids, too

tinker with kids origami christmas

Origami Christmas trees for your DIY Christmas

paper christmas trees craft origami christmas

The editorial team wishes you a contemplative and creative party!

origami christmas idea christmas tree gifts

tinker colorful origami christmas stars

gift tags make yourself poinsettias origami christmas

christmas stars made of paper origami christmas

gifts are packaging origami christmas

wrapping paper origami christmas ideas stars out of paper

red christmas star made of paper itself make origami christmas

Poinsettias origami christmas paper

Poinsettias themselves make origami christmas

Christmas star origami christmas ideas made of paper

two 3 d poinsettias make origami christmas