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Do you want to build a wooden porch? This is how you choose the right material!


Who does not want a great outdoor area next to the house? In summer, you can even transfer some of the living features to this, right? You can relax, read, work and all this can be outside if you decide to build a porch.

But in order for the whole thing to work well, you would have to have chosen the right material.

Today we want to help you if you want to choose wood.

Build the porch - which wood species should you choose?

wood porch build wood type select


Among the types of wood that you can choose, if you want to build a porch, some are particularly noteworthy. Above all, we would like to point out that you could opt for wood species of local origin or for exotic varieties. In the first case you get cheaper and can control the origin better. However, the wood of exotic origin is in many cases resistant to external conditions. Depending on the extraction, it comes from sustainable forests and your decision does not harm nature.

A traditional wooden veranda

wooden porch build traditional terrace design

The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wood

Wood porch build wood species before and after

Thermal processing

But you can make the wood, no matter what its origin, by a special processing much more stable. This can be done by attaching special resources externally. Through these, the wood can withstand the water and the heat much better. So you can also opt for native species of wood and these will serve you as well as the exotic ones.

Modern designed and equipped with dining room furniture

wood porch build wood type select modern design dinning room

Conifer wood

Pressure impregnated conifer wood is another very good variant for porch construction. Injectors with concertants can help them endure more than 25 years. The deeply penetrated chemical substances prevent the development of all types of fungi and bacteria. The wood has a stylish and aesthetic color and does not need to be painted.

House with spacious wooden porch

wooden porch build house with wooden stem


Of the exotic types of wood we would like to recommend the IPE wood in the first place. Evidence of this is very dense and resistant. Even without working, they could withstand the severe atmospheric conditions for a long time.

The IPE tree actually has no competition in terms of material durability.

Small porch made of valuable wood

wooden porch build diy projects wood species and materials

teak wood

Teak contains many natural oils and resins. This makes it very stable. For veranda construction, it is also a wonderful choice. Despite the strength, the wood is not very heavy and can be worked well. The natural color is also very appealing.

There are also other woods with these characteristics. But we want to recommend these to you in the first place.

Decking off teak wood

Wood porch build ideas and practical tips

Coziness in the country house style

wooden porch build lounge chairs made of wood

Modern means simple and functional

build wood veranda and modern design

Discover the beauty of natural wood color

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Rattan furniture and wooden floor are a perfect match

garden furniture set rattan furniture lie terrace design

Completely made of wood

wooden porch build diy wooden projects

DIY furniture made of europallets on the wooden veranda

wooden porch build diy projects pallet furniture

The small terrace you can also dress in wood

Wood porch build diy projects and design ideas

Build matching wooden furniture

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Like a piece

wood veranda build modern plain choose wood type

Visual and sun protection also made of wood

wood porch build wood type select patio design

The wooden pergola is also one of the creative DIY projects

wood porch build wood select flooring

Summer experiences on the roof terrace

wooden porch build wood flooring and wooden furniture