Crafting with FIMO: original and simple ideas for copying

Have you already tried crafting with FIMO? Fabulous! Quite simply and with a guaranteed crafting fun effect. The Brand "FIMO®" by STAEDTLER is simply lovingly called FIMO here in Germany. This great modeling clay, which consists of PVC particles, plasticisers and color pigments fascinates young and old and is ideal for various DIY projects - jewelry, miniatures, key chains, lucky charms ... the list is long. Depending on the FIMO variety, the prepared creations are baked in the oven at 110-150 degrees and thus hardened. In the process, the PVC particles merge, allowing the FIMO handicrafts to be further processed, for example with paint or with stickers. Of course you can also carve, drill or carve the pieces the way you like it. Do not worry! The hardened modeling clay is by no means harmful.

Cute little mice make FIMO

tinkering with fimo little mice with hearts

Crafting with FIMO Polymer Clay is fun for everyone

Similar to clay, also the crafting with FIMO is totally pleasant and very amusing. The modeling clay is available in Soft, Professional, Classic and Kids varieties. As the names suggest, the different varieties are suitable for specific purposes and people with different crafting skills and experience.

On numerous blogs on the net you will find many instructions for a lot of craft creations with FIMO. We also have some ready for you today. This creates sweet little animals, males or objects ... everything is possible.

Although FIMO can be modeled with hands, it is advisable to work with special modeling tools to make even more multi-faceted and filigree figures. Too thin and fine parts, however, should be strengthened inside with wire pieces. No problem! You can bake these with ease.

Make small gift or key chains as cupcakes with polymer clay

tinker with fimo keyring yourself

Small, colorful birds are easily created in no time

little birds tinker with colorful colors

Crafting with FIMO in the Japanese Kawaii style

There are numerous crafting techniques with FIMO. Our favorite variant, however, is the Japanese-style FIMO crafts - Kawaii. What does this word actually mean and what does it mean? Literally Kawaii is called "sweet", "cute". And this notion of cuteness and innocence has long spread in Japan and other East Asian countries, and it's already part of their way of life and worldview. Kawaii mascots like Pikachu, Pokémon or Hello Kitty are known and loved around the world these days.

Make mini colorful donuts from FIMO yourself

little donuts figurines tinker with polymer clay

And here's how it's done:

Make cute kawaii dinosaurs yourself

tinker three dinosaurs with polymer clay

Original craft ideas for trailers from FIMO

tinker with fimo keyring yourself

robot figure tinkering with fimo polymer clay

necklaces pendants making fimo ideas

Quite typical kawaii

lucky cat chinese tinkering with polymer clay craft ideas

Important tips and tricks when working with Polymer Clay:

  • Keep opened FIMO always airtight with cling film or pouches, otherwise the modeling clay dries, is hard and difficult to work.
  • Bake your FIMO creations at 110 degrees for about 30 minutes and all at once to save power.
  • Always clean the work surface carefully in advance so that your FIMO remains free from dirt and dust.
  • If dirt is visible on the FIMO after baking, remove it with a fine sandpaper.
  • Beware of small children! The modeling clay is not toxic, but it must not be eaten. There is also an increased danger of swallowing.
  • For optimum longevity, use a special matt or gloss FIMO lacquer after baking.
  • You also have the possibility to mix different colors FIMO together and thus get new nuances.

FIMO also dries quickly in the air

polymer clay fimo colorful colors

Bake FIMO figures and elements best at 110-150 degrees for about 30 minutes

tinkering with fimo beads polymer clay baking

Become a passionate FIMO hobbyist and let your creativity and craft imagination run wild!

Have fun crafting with FIMO and a good luck!

7 simple instructions for crafting with FIMO

instructions for figures tinker with polymer clay

A cute unicorn for advanced hobbyists

unicorn figure tinkering with fimo polymer clay

Simple guide for a cute turtle

turtle tinkering with fimo polymer clay tutorial

You can also use the same for ladybugs and snails

do tinkering with fimo turtles yourself

That's the way it goes ...

tinker with polymer clay butterfly ladybug dragonfly bee

Colorful figures make with FIMO

colorful figures tinker with polymer clay craft ideas for children

A very nice FIMO owl family

making sweet owls with fimo polymer clay

Crafting ideas with polymer clay for Christmas

tinker figures with polymer clay to christmas zwerte imp

Here is a simple guide to elegant callas from FIMO

instruction flowers tinker with polymer clay

Or do you prefer something colorful?

Making flowers with fimo ideas to make yourself

And how about a wonderful bow?

tinkering with polymer clay ribbon craft ideas

... and make even more Kawaii Dinos from Polymer Clay

dinos tinker with polymer clay colorful

Or cute mini bird houses

small birdhouses tinker with polymer clay

Sweet octopods in pink and light blue

Make octopus with polymer clay ideas

Simple FIMO pendants as cupcakes

polymer clay cupcakes pendant crafting with polymer clay

And would you like to have such a cute piggy as a necklace?

Piggy DIY gift tinker with fimo

Design FIMO creations as works of art

Doing crafts with fimo unicorn yourself

make flip flops with polymer clay

small bags for flowers tinker with polymer clay

blackberries and raspberry necklaces tinker with fimo

FIMO USB sticks make with polymer clay

Make your own custom tinkering with polymer clay ideas

And a whole lot of jewelry inspiration for real FIMO craft fans

tinkering with fimo polymer clay necklaces with pearls

make colorful beads with polymer clay

fimo tinker diy jewelry necklaces

tinker with polymer clay craft ideas for earrings  tinkering with fimo ideas to imitate

colorful beads jewelry making with polymer clay

Colorful jewelry tinker with polymer clay  DIY jewelry tinkering with polymer clay

make earrings with polymer clay colorful pendant yourself

jewelry tinker with polymer clay necklace

parels and pendants tinker with fimo

making colorful chopsticks with polymer clay

making rainbow jewelry with polymer clay polymer clay