Chocolate Easter eggs – 30 wonderful ideas to make your own

Easter eggs made of chocolate colorful pralines

Make Easter eggs from chocolate yourself

It's almost time again - Easter is coming! It is a spring festival of new life that many people around the world always enjoy celebrating. Sweeten your party and give your loved ones some tasty and original Easter eggs made of chocolate. The children will simply love them and the adults will feel special and remember their own childhood.

Here we have put together 30 beautiful ideas and designs for your Easter eggs in a colorful, atmospheric collection. Let yourself be inspired and infected with the Easter passion.

For the Easter eggs made of chocolate You can, for example, use chocolates, chocolate bars or, of course, couverture of your choice. It is important that you stir the chocolate without interruption. An expert in chocolate eggs has given us the hint that the chocolate must never burn. Even the smallest mistake can ruin the whole taste. The secret of the perfect chocolate is in the warming - you should heat the chocolate mass up to 50 degrees Celsius and then let it cool down to 30 degrees. Once melted, the chocolate can be used to prepare various sweets. It is important that the chocolate molds are not wet, because the water quality Easter eggs made of chocolate can lower.

So, be creative and make your very special treats for Easter. We hope to be able to help you with these 30 original ideas.

A few colored splashes for a good mood

Easter eggs from chocolate colorful sugar splashes

Funny easter bunny stickers are also a good idea

Easter eggs from chocolate colorful bunny stickers

Just look like real

Easter eggs stained dark chocolate

For connoisseurs of dark varieties

Easter eggs from chocolate dark green grind

Springy with delicate sugar flowers and chicks

dark eggs made of chocolate dark little sugar flowers chicks

Chocolate mustache in egg shells

Easter Eggs made from chocolate real eggshells

Two-colored pudding for an optimal natural look

Easter eggs made from chocolate egg white egg yolk

A chic Union Jack inspiration

easter eggs from chocolate english art

The Easter chicken is here

chocolate eggs fine chocolate ornaments chocolate eggs

Masterpieces of chocolate

chocolate eggs finely carved

Like a delicate lace with filigree roses

Easter eggs from chocolate finely decorated roses

An artful nostalgia egg

Easter eggs made of chocolate filigree roses

For an atmospheric Easter

Easter eggs made of chocolate felt baskets green chocolate frogs

Shiny with filigree patterns

Easter eggs from chocolate floral pattern

With some chocolates and candied nuts

chocolate candied candies chocolate candies

Sweet colorful hearts

Easter eggs made of chocolate little hearts colorful sprinkles

For the biggest dolphin fans

Easter eggs made from chocolate maritime design dolphins

Pancakes of the special kind

Easter eggs from chocolate minieier cake

A sweet breakfast for Easter

Easter eggs from chocolate mini cake

Waffle eggs with vanilla flavor

Easter eggs from chocolate mini waffle

The breakfast egg in style

Easter egg from chocolate with yolk

Colorful biscuits with mini eggs

Easter eggs from chocolate cookies tags minieier

Lily of the valley and pearls

Easter eggs made of chocolate pink lilies of the valley

A delicious blueberry poetry

Easter eggs from chocolate cream blueberries

Colorful sweets and sprinkles as egg filling

Easter eggs from chocolate full sweets

Springy and delicious

Easter eggs from chocolate wicker basket willow branches

If you only stand on white chocolate

Eggs from chocolate white egg yolk

Masterpiece with nuts

Easter eggs made of chocolate white splashes of nuts

Sugar roses for the festive mood

Easter eggs made of chocolate sugar roses white pink